Good growth for INTRAC

Year 2021 proved to be a rather good year for INTRAC in the Baltic states. Total revenues grew by 35% compared to 2020 and reached EUR  83 million (EUR 62 million). In machine sales three of the business lines showed a considerable positive development where construction equipment sales of 164% compared to sales 2020 achieved the highest growth. As an individual brand the INTRAC revenues from asphalt and compaction equipment from Bomag almost doubled with 89% above sales for 2020. Totally close to 400 new sit-on machines were delivered during the year and accumulated new equipment revenues ended at exceeding EUR 48 million. Otherwise the year 2021 was mainly characterised by rapidly increased production times from most of producers causing problem for them to keep contracted delivery times. If in the beginning of the year most machine models could be delivered some 3-5 month after order the leadtimes step by step increased dramatically and at the end of the year some of models had more than 12 months between order and delivery. The long leadtimes also resulted in increased efforts by INTRAC to import second hand equipment in all business lines.

“I am very pleased with the group’s result for 2021” says Mr. Carl Leijonhielm, President of INTRAC Group. “Still with a pandemic ongoing and all restrictions it has meant we have managed to grow the business at a very high pace. Our staff has managed to keep a high service level both regarding availability for spare parts, attachments and machines just as well as our technicians have been able to keep our customers Baltic machine fleet rolling. We have of course had some few Covid cases also at INTRAC but thanks to fast actions and careful planning we have managed to keep this at a low very level and moreover avoided any internal spreading. All workshops and part outlets have throughout the year been in full operation.” Mr. Leijonhielm finishes.

“Machine lead times have really gotten out of hands during 2021.” Comments Fredrik Brandhorst, Marketing Director at INTRAC Group. “ We have been forced to take measures meaning start ordering machines from our suppliers also without knowing who the final buyer will be. At the end of the year there were several machine types for which a new order only could be produced in 2023, more than 12 month later. Due to the very long lead times we have also increased our efforts to source suitable used machines through different channels in north Europe. Totally we at INTRAC sold more than 200 used machines in 2021 and revenues from sales of second hand equipment exceeded EUR 11 million, almost doubled compared to 2020. Mr. Brandhorst concludes.