INTRAC Group AB is the HQs and parent company of the INTRAC Group of companies. The INTRAC Group AB's office is situated in central Stockholm.

The INTRAC group of companies offers professional users in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,  Poland and Belarus the best available distribution and service for heavy tracked and wheeled machinery. Our core customers are active in forestry, port operations, medium sized industries, farming, quarries and/or construction businesses.

INTRAC Group operates with sales, spare parts and service through twenty offices spread throughout our territory. We represent world class brands, and have an outstanding availability in the market area. Our many workshops and fifty service vans are well equipped and of highest standards. The group employs more than 250 people and the total sales for year 2016 of close to EUR 60 millions. Through our service and sales concept, we have become a leading machinery dealer with market shares of between 20% and 60% in our different business lines.