Another strong year for the INTRAC companies

The INTRAC Group closed books with total sales of close to EUR 75 million which means an increase in revenues of 11%. Three of four business lines where more or less flat while sales of forestry equipment showed a very strong growth. Also sales of service work showed a strong growth by 11% compared to 2018.

For INTRAC 2019 was a year with increased sales of logging equipment. Total revenues from new forest machine sales rose more than 50% compared to 2018 and on top of this the sales of used logging machinery also developed very well. This strong sales result was achieved in spite of unusually long lead times for new machines. “The situation we have had in 2019 underlines the need for continuously making good forecasts in order to have the right products available when the customers increase their production. Still many of our customers have been forced to wait several months for their new machines.” comments Group President Mr. Carl Leijonhielm. “At the end of the year we also saw a decline in machine deliveries which means our expectations for the group for 2020 more or less will be at the same level as 2019. For the sales of logging equipment we expect a continued decline while this likely will be balanced by moderate growth for the revenues from construction equipment, machines for farming and lift equipment.” Mr. Leijonhielm conludes.

Sales of spare parts and attachments remained flat compared to 2018 while revenues from repair and service work increased by 11% during the year. “Both workshops and the mobile service vans have had a high utilisation through the year and we see an increased demand for professional services.” says Fredrik Brandhorst, Marketing Director at INTRAC Group. “At the end a good support function is what differs between selling occasional machines and building up a long term leading market position.”