Another good year for INTRAC

Total sales for the INTRAC Group for 2022 exceeded EUR 95 million which is close to all time high for the group. In spite of sometimes very long lead times from the suppliers INTRAC has managed to grow the total revenues by 15% compared to 2021. 

"I am really pleased with the results we have achieved during the year" says Group Marketing Director Fredrik Brandhorst. "After the dip in sales we experienced in beginning of 2020 due to Covid-19 we have seen a constantly growing demand for most of our machine types. This increased demand was however not only seen in the Baltic's but occurred on many other markets. This finally then lead to increasingly long lead times from most of our suppliers. For many of suppliers we now have more than twelve months between ordering and the actual production of the ready machine. In order to keep pace with the demand we accordingly have repeatedly placed stock orders based on our sales forecasts and this has proven to be very successful."

"If revenues from machines sales has developed well this was even exceeded by our after sales department. Sales of service and repair work was up 21% compared to 2021, really good achievement by our technical department, and this was still beaten by the spare parts sales which was up 29%. All in all I am really proud of what we together have achieved in 2022." finishes Mr. Brandhorst.